yeast free bread

Why go yeast free? The most common reason for avoiding yeast products is to reduce or eliminate symptoms of a condition known as Candida overgrowth, which can cause yeast infections in the mouth, gastrointestinal and urinary tract.


Dinkin’s Products that are YEAST FREE are:

  • Our Homemade Wheaten Breads – Great Taste Gold Award Winner
  • Fruit & Plain Sodas
  • Treacle Bread
  • Ginger Wheaten – World Bread Winner
  • Spelt Soda
  • Freshly Baked Scones
  • Potato Bread & Soda Farls

Our delicious freshly baked breads such as our Combicorn, Spelt loaves, rolls & baps & potato bread are all dairy free.


A dairy free diet may be useful to those who have an intolerance or allergy to milk. Intolerances may cause bloating & a reduction in dairy in the diet may help people’s digestion to become more effective

Sourdough bread, sugar free wheaten bread along with our reduced sugar range of cakes & cupcakes are suitable for those looking to reduce the amount of sugar in their diets.


Sugar free / reduced sugar may be useful for those trying to reduce their sugar intake & for diabetics.


Helps to prevent blood sugar spikes & dips in energy levels.

Gluten free birthday cakes & cupcakes available. Call 047 81471 to order. All our breads contain gluten.


Although they contain gluten & are not suitable for coeliacs, our spelt bread, combicorn breads & sourdoughs are popular with some people that find that they can tolerate these breads and that they help with their digestion and bloating.


Please note our products are made in a bakery environment where gluten, nuts & other allergens may be present.

The following breads are suitable for vegetarians:


Combicorn breads, Spelt loaves, spelt rolls, spelt baps, spelt sodas, wheaten bread, ginger wheaten, treacle bead, fruit soda, plain soda, scones, soda farls & potato bread are all suitable for vegetarians.


Our pastries & fresh cream products are largely all suitable for vegetarians but please contact us for exact product specifications.


The following products are suitable for vegans:


Our Sourdough bread, Combicorn loaves, our range of Vegan cupcakes and cakes


Ginger Wheaten


World Bread Silver Award Winner


Ginger may be useful for nausea & morning sickness. Yeast free & high in fibre.


Great toasted with butter & lovely & warming on a cold day with a cup of tea.

Spelt Bread


Easy to digest & may help with bloating. Does contain gluten but those with a gluten sensitivity may find spelt agrees with their digestive system.


Higher in protein than traditional breads.


Spelt soda is yeast free. Loaves, rolls & baps all contain yeast.

GI Multigrain Bread


This bread has a low glycaemic index which means that when you eat it, it may help to keep you fuller for longer, so reducing snacking & may help you to lose weight.


Seeds are full of essential fatty acids needed for great skin, hair & nails.


Contains yeast.


Full of Vitamin B essential for energy production

Five Seeded Wheaten


World Bread Silver Award Winner


Full of omega 3, 6 & 9 great for good joint health, good skin, nails & hair.


High in fibre & yeast free


High in Vitamin B essential for energy.



High fibre yet easy to digest.


Full of essential fatty acids useful for improving concentration levels & for good skin, hair & nails.


Great source of minerals & vitamins.


Suitable for vegans

Freshly Baked Sourdough


Winner of Silver at the World Bread Awards.


Received a ‘Best in Show’ award from Nevin Maguire at the Taste of Cavan


‘Real’ Sourdough is made from only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and a starter (which helps the dough to rise). Our sourdough is authentic – not par baked or cooked from frozen!


How is the starter made? Flour and water are mixed and left allowing fermentation to take place. The starter is fed with more flour and water each day for about five days. Then part of the starter is added to the bread dough. It is the starter that helps give sourdough its unique texture and tangy flavour.


sourdough bread

Benefits of Sourdough


Full of prebiotics & probiotics. Excellent for great gut health. May be useful for those with digestive issues, bloating, excess gas or those who cannot tolerate traditional breads.Our customers report that those who have a sensitivity to gluten or wheat may find that they can tolerate sourdough and that it improves their digestion & bloating.


Suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Dairy & Sugar Free