How to Order the Right Cake for You

How to Order the Right Cake for You

When choosing the perfect cake for your special occasion, there can be a lot of factors to consider. We have compiled a list of questions that will help guide you and make your decision easier.


  • What is the occasion you need the cake for?

For example is it a birthday cake, a christening or baby shower cake, an anniversary cake, a retirement cake, a graduation cake, a cake for a hen party or is it a wedding cake you need? Once you know what occasion you need the cake for is, then our cake specialists can give you ideas and go through suitable options with you.


  • Do you have a budget in mind?

At Dinkin’s Bakery we can make cakes to suit all budgets. Our cakes are handcrafted, bespoke cake creations, made especially for your needs and our cakes are decorated to your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on offering great tasting cakes at affordable prices and when you are ordering a cake, please tell your cake specialist your budget as it will allow them to create a fantastic looking cake for your price range. .

  • What type of cake do you like?

We have so many delicious cake options for you to choose from such as:

  1. Homemade madeira (iced all over and filled with layers of buttercream and jam). Very popular choice as this cake cuts well, keeps well, doesn’t need refrigerated and
    you will get a good 5 days out of it.
  2. Fresh cream sponge (iced on top with the sides bare). Lovely & light sponge cakes and a very popular choice with kids and adults. Our fresh cream sponge cakes is also available as a Baileys sponge with Irish Cream Liqueur flavoured fresh cream.
  3. Chocolate cake Choose a chocolate fudge
  4. cake, lovely if you like a lovely gooey & rich chocolatey cake. Filled inside with layers of chocolate buttercream and iced on top with chocolate icing. A definite for all chocolate cake lovers
  5. Novelty cakes are a great options for something really special. We make our novelty cakes from our homemade madeira cake and they are shaped into a wide range of amazing cake shapes. Ever seen a tractor made from cake? Ever eaten Peppa Pig? Well you can, if you go for one of our handcrafted novelty cakes, tailored to your special requests. Check out our website, Facebook and Instagram for great novelty cake ideas.
  6. Try our homemade gateaux for a great cake option that also doubles up as a dessert option. A great cost effective option that ticks two boxes and saves you time and money. Choose from our famous chocolate strawberry gateaux or our black forest cherry gateaux (made from chocolate sponge cake, fresh cream & fruit) or choose our light & airy pear or mandarin gateaux (white sponge, fresh cream and fruit).
  7. Finally last but not least try our AMAZING Belgian chocolate Rocky Road Biscuit cake. This is such a popular cake option for teenagers and
    is a great choice for one of your tiers if you are going for more than a one tiered cake. Rocky Road Belgian Chocolate Biscuit cake is a great cake choice as it cuts well, keeps well and it is popular with kids and adults of all ages.
  • How many people do you need it for?

This will dictate the size you need. Remember you may want to have cake left over to eat the next day or give out to people to take home to enjoy the next day. Indeed you may want to give out cake to people who were unable to attend the event so they can enjoy the delicious cake at home. We do a wide variety of cake sizes to cater for all events and numbers – even hundreds of guests!

  • Would you like to personalise your cake in any way? Our team of talented cake specialists love adding the special finishing touches to really make your cake special. We can put on edible icing transfers on top of your cake, we can make handmade cake decorations from icing or we can add a claydough cake topper to really give your cake the WOW factor. Think about the interests and hobbies that the person you are getting the cake for likes. For example do they like gardening, sports, cartoon characters, etc. If so we can make special handmade cake decorations and cake toppers that really add the special finishing touch to your cake.


These are just a few considerations to think about when you are ordering a cake for your special occasion. Dinkin’s Bakery specializes in creating the finest quality cakes in Co. Monaghan and in Co. Cavan.

Give us a call on 047 81471 to order your cake today.