The Importance of Birthday Cakes


Birthday cakes are one of the most important parts in any birthday celebration. A birthday party with no tasty birthday cake will not make that event complete. Regardless of whether or not you are an adult or a kid, it is a special finishing touch to a very important day no matter what age you are! Children are always full of life when they see cakes around and a great looking cake are a great point of interest and talking point among other parents and party guests.

A birthday party is not complete without birthday cakes. Birthday cakes make the day complete. It is a wonderful focal point for you to take photos of your happy loved ones and their special cake – truly a memory to treasure.

People love cakes and with so many choices of cake available there is sure to be a perfect choice for you. At Dinkin’s Bakery we have delicious fresh cream sponges, homemade madeira cakes, lemon drizzle, chocolate cake, fudge cakes, coffee cake, red velvet cake, Rocky Road biscuit cake, carrot cakes & lets not forget, delicious cupcakes. Cakes are usually associated with sweetness, especially among children. Kids love sweet things and that is why they always see a birthday or any special event as the time to enjoy. It is a real treat for them to enjoy with their friends.

Birthday cakes are a great way in making people stay around at the around after most of the events of a birthday party have finished, keeping the party atmosphere going.  Birthday cakes give the chance to showcase the birthday person’s tastes, hobbies or interests. At Dinkin’s Bakery we can use our talents to great amazing novelty cakes in shapes, with handmade flowers or other handmade icing decorations to truly give that WOW factor to your party. All cakes can be decorated with handcrafted decorations and at Dinkin’s Bakery we hand pipe a personalised message on top of each cake. 

If you want a celebration to remember, leave your cake needs to Dinkin’s Bakery. Our cake specialists are looking forward to creating your special cake. Just give us a call on 047 81471 or pop into any Dinkin’s store where our staff are waiting to help you. See you soon!