‘Free From’ – What exactly can I eat?

Yeast Free, Sugar Free & Dairy Free Breads & Baked Goods 

At Dinkin’s we realise that many people are trying to reduce or eliminate certain elements from their diet and we are here to help! We know that you still want to eat great tasting food and not feel deprived. Dinkin’s Bakery range of homemade breads and tasty treats still taste amazing and have great health benefits so you can enjoy your favourite foods while harding tasting the difference.

Looking for yeast free breads and yeast free baked goods??

Have you tried?:

Dinkin’s Homemade Wheaten Bread a recent Great Taste Gold Award Winner.

Baked fresh every day this is one of our best selling wheaten breads that is also yeast free. Perfect for breakfast enjoyed with eggs, try for lunch with a bowl of hearty soup or how about trying with a salad plate for a light and healthy dinner option. 

Fruit & Plain Sodas – yeast free and lovely served with any of your favourite jam. Delicious as a mid morning or tea time snack!

Treacle Bread – a lightly spiced fruit bread, yeast free and delicious toasted enjoyed with a smear of real butter and of course a cup of tea.

Ginger Wheaten – World Bread Award Winner. Pieces of crystallized ginger baked into our homemade yeast free  wheaten bread makes this a lovely warming option to enjoy toasted on a cold winters day. Ginger has long been a useful tool in helping reduce nausea & morning sickness and soothe digestive issues.

Spelt Soda – yeast free Spelt Soda bread is like a traditional wheaten bread except it is made from the nutty tasting spelt grain. Spelt contains more protein than traditional wheat and has an easy to digest profile making it a popular choice for those who may have digestive issues.

Freshly Baked Scones – the perfect choice for that 11 o’clock break, a light snack any time of the day or for the lunchbox. Dinkin’s Home Bakery scones are yeast free and baked fresh daily. Choose from sultana, plain, cherry, apple & cinnamon, coconut or wheaten scones. We also run a special offer each day on our scones 

Potato Bread & Soda Farls – our go to breakfast options. Yeast free, sugar free and a perfect alternative to traditional toast. Enjoy with baked beans, the Full Irish breakfast, eggs cooked any way or try anyway you like!

 Dairy Free Breads and Baked Goods 

Dinkin’s Combicorn bread, spelt loaves, rolls & baps are all dairy free or try our World Bread Winning Sourdough Bread as a delicious tasting dairy free bread.

Sugar Free Breads

Sourdough bread & sugar free wheaten bread are all very popular sugar free breads. May be useful for those trying to reduce their sugar intake & for diabetics. Helps to prevent blood sugar spikes & dips in energy levels.

Spelt Bread & Sourdough Bread

Both of these breads are easy to digest & so may help with bloating. These breads do contain gluten and are not suitable for celiacs but those with a gluten sensitivity may find Dinkin’s spelt and sourdough breads agree with their digestive system and we have had reports of these breads actually helping to eliminate bloating. 

 GI Multigrain Bread

Dinkin’s Low GI Blas na hEireann Awarding WInning Multigrain is especially popular with those looking for a tasty low sugar, highly nutritious bread. What does a low GI bread mean? Well it means that our bread comes low on the glycemic index meaning that it takes longer for it to be broken down in your system. The longer it takes to break down, the longer you will keep full for and so this may keep you fuller for longer. This may help you to reduce snacking & so may assist you on losing weight. Dinkin’s GI Multigrain Bread is bursting full of nutritious seeds that are full of essential fatty acids needed for great skin, hair & nails. Our GI Multigrain Bread is full of Vitamin B essential for energy production and is high in fibre – an essential way of providing roughage in your diet. 


 Dinkin’s 4 Seeded Wheaten

World Bread Silver Award Winner, yeast free & full of omega 3, 6 & 9 great for good joint health, good skin, nails & hair. High in fibre & high in Vitamin B essential for energy. Dinkin’s 4 seeded wheaten is suitable for vegetarians.


High fibre yet easy to digest. Full of essential fatty acids useful for improving concentration levels & for good skin, hair & nails. Great source of minerals & vitamins. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Gluten Free Cakes & Gluten Free Cupcakes 

Gluten free birthday cakes & gluten free cupcakes are all available to order from our bakery. Choose from delicious sweet or fresh cream cakes. Although our gluten free cakes and gluten free cupcakes may not contain gluten, the risk of cross contamination may exist All our breads contain gluten. Products are made in a bakery environment where gluten, nuts & other allergens may be present.

Nut Free

None of our products can be guaranteed nut free as nuts are widely used across the bakery environment. Therefore even though a product may not contain nuts per se, the risk of cross contamination exists and if you have a severe allergy to nuts we would not advise anything in our bakery as being suitable unfortunately.

Freshly Baked Sourdough Bread – yeast free, dairy free & sugar free bread 

Winner of Silver at the World Bread Awards.

Dinkin’s Homemade Sourdough Bread received an award from Nevin Maguire at the Taste of Cavan

‘Real’ Sourdough is made from only four ingredients: flour, water, salt and a starter (which helps the dough to rise). Our sourdough is authentic  – not par baked or cooked from frozen.

How is the starter made? Flour and water are mixed and left allowing fermentation to take place. The starter is fed with more flour and water each day for about five days. Then part of the starter is added to the bread dough. It is the starter that helps give sourdough its unique texture and tangy flavour.

Benefits of Sourdough

Full of prebiotics & probiotics

Excellent for great gut health. Useful for those with digestive issues, bloating, excess gas or those who cannot tolerate traditional breads.

Those who have a sensitivity to gluten or wheat may find that they can tolerate sourdough.

Dinkin’s sourdough bread is suitable for vegans & vegetarians

Dairy & Sugar Free bread